Chris Coleman

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Lib Dems launch election manifesto

by Chris Coleman on April 15, 2015

When Liberal Democrats launched our 2010 General Election manifesto, few people expected that many of the policies it contained would be implemented by the next Government. But that’s what happened: three quarters of those policies formed the backbone of the Coalition’s programme. In Government, Liberal Democrats delivered on front-page commitments like raising the Income Tax […]

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Liberal Democrats set out plans to balance the books

by Chris Coleman on April 13, 2015

The Liberal Democrat plan to balance the books is one with a “heart as well as a brain.” Nick Clegg will spell out in detail how the Liberal Democrats will deal with the country’s deficit by setting out who is going to be asked to contribute more and where cuts will fall. Ahead of the […]

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£825 tax cut delivered by the Lib Dems

by Chris Coleman on April 4, 2015

Liberal Democrats have unveiled a new poster highlighting how the party is delivering an £825 tax cut for millions of workers. Cutting taxes by raising the personal allowance to £10,000 was on the front page of our 2010 General Election manifesto. Liberal Democrats in government have fought to deliver this tax cut, something the Conservatives […]

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NEW! Issues links now added

by Chris Coleman on March 9, 2015

Please click on the links at the bottom of the page to read about what we have done in Government and what we want to achieve after the General Election. Each subject area has been given a separate link under the title ‘Issues’. Please contact Chris if you have any questions about anything that you […]

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Liberal Democrats in the Forest of Dean are delighted to announce that they have selected Chris Coleman to be their candidate for the General Election on 7th May. Chris, who was born and brought up in Gloucestershire, was the party’s candidate here at the General Elections in 2005 and 2010. On both occasions he increased […]

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