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About Chris

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Liberal Democrats in the Devizes are delighted to announce that they have selected Chris Coleman to be their candidate for the General Election on 8th June.

Chris is currently a Borough Councillor in Cheltenham where he is the Deputy Leader of the Council and the Cabinet Member for the Green Environment. He is also a County Councillor where he is the Liberal Democrat Lead on matters concerning highways. He also spent four years as a member of the Adoption Panel.

He is a member of the Children and Young People Board at the Local Government Association and represents the body on the National Adoption Leadership Board.

Away from his life as a Councillor, Chris is a solicitor and has practiced for over ten years. He has a young son, Oliver, and is a keen football fan.

Chris says: “I am delighted to have been chosen to represent the Liberal Democrats in Devizes. We have hit the ground running with our campaign and I have already received a very warm welcome from the people I have met.

“This is of course a hugely important election and there is so much at stake. Theresa May called the election because she thinks she will win an overwhelming majority which will stifle all opposition. Our country needs a strong opposition and, whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has failed the test, the Liberal Democrats can be the firm and vocal opposition the country needs.

“The Liberal Democrats will be campaigning to oppose the Conservatives’ hard Brexit and setting out our plan to give the people the final say on whatever Brexit deal is secured. It must be the British people who decide whether the deal is best for our country, not politicians in Westminster or Brussels.

“The Lib Dems are the only party speaking up for the 48% who voted Remain in the Referendum as well as the millions of Leave voters who didn’t expect their vote would be used to justify leaving the Single Market.

“But the election is also about our public services. Our NHS is at breaking point and only the Liberal Democrats have a plan to save it. We will raise income tax by a penny and ring-fence the £6 billion raised for health and social care. The Lib Dems are clear that our NHS must be properly resourced in order to provide the best possible mental and physical health care for us all.

“Under the Conservatives, schools across Wiltshire are facing cuts of over £20 million. Those cuts are bound to mean fewer teachers and larger classes. We will campaign to reverse the cuts and fight for fairer funding for all local schools.

“If I am elected as the next MP for Devizes, I will fight tirelessly to get the best deal for everyone. I will be a new type of MP – living and working locally, holding regular meetings and surgeries and keeping in touch all year round.”

James Kay, Chair of Devizes Liberal Democrats, says: “We are very pleased that Chris has been selected to be our Parliamentary candidate.  He is a very experienced campaigner and people who meet him realise very quickly that he would make an excellent Member of Parliament for the Devizes constituency.”

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